Where can I sign up? The City of Monroe Park and Recreation Office, 1110 18th Avenue, Monroe WI, 53566, handles all signups for our program. The office is about a block off of Monroe's Historic Square, across the street from the post office. Quarterly program fees are paid to that office. The telephone number is 608-329-2460. You can reach them by email at mjohnson@cityofmonroe.org How is your program different? We want you to have fun while learning a great martial art. Our program tends to be less formal than many other Tae Kwon Do style programs. That's not to say we don't require discipline, respect of others, and hard work, but we teach based on an American way of doing things, rather than on a Korean method. Do I need to learn Korean, or Japanese, or another foreign language? You will learn a few words of Korean and Japanese that are traditionally used in our style, or that better convey a concept than the English word. We teach, count, and describe techniques primarily in English. What should I wear? To begin, wear loose, comfortable clothes, such as a t-shirt and sweat pants. Jeans and shorts are not allowed. You will be working barefoot in class, but adults may want to bring a good pair of gym shoes (cross-trainers are a good choice) for agility drills. Make sure your pants don't drag on the floor, and your sleeves don't cover your hands. Before you advance to your first belt, you'll need a Ronin Karate t-shirt or uniform. I took karate somewhere else/I had a friend who took karate. Can I wear that karate uniform? Feel free to wear it for now. You can get a Ronin Karate uniform after you've been in the program for a couple of months. What else do I need to bring? Bring a plastic or other unbreakable water bottle. Where can I buy equipment? Other than water bottles, we sell everything you'll need. Once you're signed up as a student, you'll have access to our price list and information on how to order. Where do I get a password for the rest of the site? Once you're signed up as a student, you can apply for an account on the main page of the site.