Welcome to Rōnin Karate!

We are currently in our Winter 2022-2-23 Session.  The session dates will be set up a bit differently this year, so check with Park and Rec for the latest inforamtion.  We are not requiring masks, but you are welcome to wear one.  We encourage everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible.


We have been teaching martial arts to students of all ages since 1991. If you want to learn effective self defense as well as the sport and art of karate, come by and talk to us. We teach at the Behring Senior Center on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and welcome visitors and potential students. Feel free to talk to one of our black belts before or after class if you have any questions while you're there.

We are not primarily a tournament school; we see tournament competition as a tool to measure progress, not a reason to train. Ours is a balanced martial arts program. We will teach you how to kick, punch, fall and get up again; we will teach you how to protect yourself and how to challenge yourself. You will get stronger, more flexible and in better aerobic condition. You will learn how to think and react in stressful situations, both when your physical safety is at stake and in day to day life.

Our classes will help you safely increase your flexibility and precisely control your muscles and your mind. Classes includes elements of stretching, self-defense, conditioning, art, and sport. We work hard, but have fun doing it.

We emphasize development of self-confidence, personal responsibility, and service to the community. Lots of martial arts programs claim to help you become a better person, but don't require you to do anything outside of the gym to accomplish that goal. We do.

Our style is a broad interpretation of the Korean art of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do focuses on kicking, particularly high kicking. We add hand techniques from boxing, which involves punching and movement. In close-quarters, we borrow from judo to throw opponents and control them on the ground, and from wrestling, which includes escapes from the ground. We also borrow liberally from other martial arts.

Our program is currently sponsored by the Monroe (Wisconsin) Parks and Recreation Department. The Behring Senior Center is located at 1113 10th Street, Monroe.

Feel free to come by, watch a class, and talk to our instructors. Hope to see you there!