All IN STOCK sparring gear, uniforms and weapons at discount prices. Once it’s gone, it’s gone

White Uniform with logo was 34.00 now 15.00
Black Uniform with logo was 35.10 now 15.00

Headgear was 34.00 now 20.00
Handgear was 31.15 now 15.00
Footgear was 31.15 now 15.00
Shinpads was 20.11 now 10.00

Mouthguard was 2.10 now 2.00
Mouthguard Case was 3.70 now 2.00

Athletic Cup & Supporter was 9.50 now 5.25

Ronin Karate Manual was 42.20 out of stock
American Freestyle Karate was 10.55 now 5.25

Various weapons - ask and we can talk!

We may have a punching bag and some body shields available. Ask the instructors if you are interested.

We fit gear after class.
Behring Senior Center located at 1113 10th Street, Monroe.